Structuring and preparation of studies

in specific matters and sectors

Software & Information Technology (IT) Industry

We perform the structuring and preparation of studies and diagnostics for trade associations and businesses, either public or private, to allow increase and optimize their knowledge of the behavior of industry players, their behavior and prospective, with the purpose of analyzing results and trends required to formulate and optimize favorable strategies for the software industry.

The services we offer are:

  • Diagnostics and research on industry matters.
  • Supporting technical documents (diagnostics), summary documents (formulation) and performance programs, required for the generation of policies and guidelines of trade associations or public entities.
  • Specific studies: Market studies, prospective studies, job skill studies, occupational studies, salary studies, impact studies, demand characterization in specific niches.
  • Public opinion surveys, including statistical analysis of results.
  • Project management.


Market Studies

Software & Information Technology (IT) Industry

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