Economic diagnostics and advice aimed to prevent risks or defend interests

of a sector or business

Competition and Restrictive Practice Law

At domestic and international levels, we perform economic diagnostics and provide advice aimed to identify and prevent risks associated with a specific operation or situation; as well as defend interests of a sector or business with respect to potential restrictions to free competition and possible unfair competition behaviors.

The services we offer are:

  • Economic diagnostics and analysis in cases of restrictive trade practices of competitors, at a domestic and international level.
  • Market power assessment and analysis.
  • Economic and legal studies required to carry out economic integrations.
  • Restrictive competition practices and abuse of dominant position, including self-assessment of vertical or horizontal anticompetitive agreements and strategic alliances.
  • Assistance in inspections of the competition authority.
  • Performance programs, by means of instruction on good business practice guidelines, action protocols in inspections and training to officers and employees.
  • As a specific matter for Colombia, we study the viability of business integrations before the Industry and Trade Superintendent’s Office; likewise, we provide accompaniment in the structuring process and the relevant filing process before such entity (Notification of Pre-assessment).


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Competition and Restrictive Practice Law

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